Special Needs Planning: Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

Sponsored by Fletcher Tilton PC

Helping Families with
Mental Illness

Tuesday, 9/19/17
Advocates, 1881 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA

Helping Families with
Developmental Disabilities

Monday, 9/25/17
Advocates, 1881 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA

One in four families cope with having a loved one that has been diagnosed with mental illness or special needs. These seminars will cover:
– Important issues regarding special needs planning
– The difference between emotions-based decisions and values-based decisions and how they impact your financial future
– Strategies to obtain and maintain eligibility for important government benefits
– Case studies that show how real families integrate their legal and financial needs.
There is no cost or obligation to attend either of these seminars. Seating is limited. Learn more and register here.

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