Meetings & Events

2017-18 SEPAC Calendar of Meetings & Events

Title Date Time Place
SEPAC Meeting: Special Education Mediation 9/29/17 9:00-10:30am DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Rm.
SEPAC Meeting: Test Preparation and Tutoring (RSVP below) 10/26/17 9:00-10:30am Mudge Auditorium
SEPAC Meeting: Executive Function & Homework Challenges 11/17/17 9:30-10:30am DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Rm.
SEPAC Meeting: Neuropsychological Testing: What Does It Really Mean? 1/19/18 9:00-10:30am DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Rm.
Basic Rights Training (RSVP below) 2/8/18 7:00-9:00pm Natick High School, Lecture Hall (2nd floor)
SEPAC Meeting: Autism Spectrum Disorder 3/16/18 9:00-10:30am DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Rm.
SEPAC Meeting 4/27/18 9:00-10:30am DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Rm.
SEPAC Meeting 5/18/18 9:00-10:30am DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Rm.

Residents of Dover and Sherborn and the parents or guardians of students who attend our schools are welcome to participate in our meetings and attend our events. Meetings occur regularly and are posted on the district calendar. Agendas are emailed to SEPAC members in advance of each meeting.

Educational Seminars
We provide an annual workshop about the rights of students and their parents/guardians under the state and federal special education laws. In addition, we invite experts to deliver talks on a variety of topics that are of particular interest to parents. Current topics are noted below.

Special Education Mediation
9/29/17 at 9:00am
DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Room

The Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) conducts mediations, advisory opinions and due process hearings to resolve disputes among parents, school districts, private schools and state agencies. On 9/29, we were joined by BSEA Mediator, Myrto Flessas. Her presentation focused on how and when to request mediation, as well as how to prepare for and what to expect from mediation. BSEA mediators conduct voluntary mediation sessions at no charge to either party.

Test Preparation and Tutoring
10/26/17 at 9:00-10:30am
Mudge Auditorium

Mr. Alexis Avila founded educational services company, Prepped & Polished to help students improve their grades and test scores. Mr. Avila is a certified school guidance counselor and holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. He spoke to D/S parents about study tips and test preparation strategies for high school students who have learning disabilities or other special needs. Mr. Avila focused on students preparing for standardized tests such the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and the ACT. Discussion topics included:
– Different studying methods
– Ways to help your child feel confident and test-ready
– Tips for how to help your child improve their overall test scores
– Available testing accommodations.
View his complete presentation here.

Executive Function & Homework Challenges
11/17/17 at 9:30am
DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Room

Dr. David Murphy, president of Effective Effort Consulting, specializes in executive function coaching. Dr. Murphy addressed the issues that all parents face raising children in the iGeneration. He discussed the executive function struggles that all students face, including students with complex learning profiles who may have self-regulation challenges. Parents learned these practical strategies:
– How to stop nagging and increase your child’s initiation of responsibilities (homework, etc.)
– Increase opportunities for problem solving and reflection
– Promote a growth mindset, routines, and delayed gratification
– Use privileges to improve confidence, self-regulation, prioritization and performance
– How to use chores to develop executive function skills.
View his complete presentation here.

Neuropsychological Testing: What Does It Really Mean?
1/19/18 at 9:00am
DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Room

What does all this testing really mean, and how can it help parents better serve their child’s academic, social and emotional needs? Join us to hear Dr. Joseph Moldover, clinical psychologist and specialist in developmental neuropsychology discuss the power of testing and the beneficial information test results can offer for children with disabilities and learning differences.

Basic Rights Training
2/8/18 at 7:00pm
Natick High School, Lecture Hall (2nd floor)
15 West Street, Natick

The Dover-Sherborn SEPAC has partnered with the Natick SEPAC for this Basic Rights parent training seminar. A speaker from the Federation for Children with Special Needs will help parents navigate the process to request support services and understand the laws and guidelines surrounding special education. Please RSVP to our confidential email and note “Basic Rights Training” in the subject line.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder & How is it Diagnosed?
3/16/18 at 9:00am
DSMS: Headmaster’s Conference Room

Judith Ursitti, Autism Speaks director of state government affairs and a member of the Massachusetts Autism Commission, will provide the following overview:
Sheldon? The Good Doctor? Rain Man? What exactly is Autism Spectrum Disorder and how is it diagnosed?
– Navigating the spectrum: What types of supports and services are important and available after diagnosis?
* Healthcare: ARICA and MassHealth
* Family Supports: Family Support Centers and beyond
* Financial: the ABLE Act
– Advocacy Update: What legislative and regulatory activities are occurring in Massachusetts that are relevant to families who are living with an autism diagnosis?

Social Events
Our social events and fundraisers are designed to boost community spirit and foster friendships, understanding, and acceptance.

If you’d like to suggest a particular topic you wish to learn more about, or have an idea for a group activity or fundraiser, please email: