DS Challenge Success Parent Education Speaker Series: “Raising Resilient Children K-12”

Presented by DS Challenge Success
Thursday, 1/26/16
DSHS Mudge Auditorium
9 Junction Street, Dover
RSVP: http://whoozin.com/Q4E-QDT-TX74

How do everyday challenges become formative assets for our kids? What experiences and factors help keep our kids healthy – even in the midst of change? How can we, as adults, foster resilience? Dr. Robert Brooks has lectured nationally and internationally to parents on topics of resilience, motivation, school climate and family relationships. His talks are filled with practical, realistic suggestions, and he is renowned for the warmth and humor he uses to bring his insights & anecdotes to life. A faculty member of Harvard Medical School who has also served as the Director of the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital, Dr. Brooks offers practical tips for parents of children in grades K-12. RSVP here.

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