How to Understand and Help Kids Who Aren’t Thriving in School

Caroline Miller, Editorial Director
Rachel Ehmke, Senior Editor
Child Mind Institute

Helping Kids Who Struggle with Executive Functions
Learning specialists have devised ways to bolster the organizational skills that don’t come naturally to a child with poor executive functioning. They teach a mix of specific strategies and alternative learning styles that complement or enhance a child’s particular abilities. Here are some tools they teach kids – and parents – to help them tackle school work, as well as other responsibilities that take organization and follow-through. Read more.

How Sensory Processing Issues Affect Kids in School
And what parents and teachers can do to help them

There is no medication to treat sensory processing issues, but there are therapies, as well as practical changes you can make at school and home to help your child feel and do better. Read more.

How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive Behavior
“Anxiety is one of those diagnoses that is a great masquerader,” explains Dr. Laura Prager, director of the Child Psychiatry Emergency Service at Massachusetts General Hospital. “It can look like a lot of things. Particularly with kids who may not have words to express their feelings, or because no one is listening to them, they might manifest their anxiety with behavioral dysregulation.” Read more.

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